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Monday, October 3, 2011

The necklace (Part 1)

Jake had met a hot girl at a club last night. He was shot down while trying to score, and when he tried to get her number, she pulled out a strange necklace. She told him that she doesn’t give out her number, but if he wore this, she promised that he would see her again. The next day he pulled the necklace out of his pocket. He put it around his neck, and it started to glow. As the strange glow disappeared, Jake looked down to see that his body had changed. He recognized the body--it was the woman’s he met last night. Well, that body was his now. Why would she want to give this body up? And why would she want his? For that matter, how could she even do something like this? He guessed the necklace was magic, but magic didn’t really exist, did it? Then again, the evidence that it did was all too real for Jake now.


  1. Great caption! But the question remains, why would she give up a sexy body like that?

  2. Mysterious & very good story. I wonder what is going on? PLS continue