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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cranky (Part 1)

George had been lonely since his wife died. At 85 years old, he spent his retired years in diners, often making rude and perverted comments to young women. He knew they would be too polite to do anything to the cranky old man. Every day pretty much went the same until the Great Shift happened. Instead of his diner booth, he found himself on an apartment floor. He smiled as he looked at his new body! His only hope was that this young lady hadn’t wound up in his old body!


  1. Fantastic caption!! And who cares if she did end up in his body, hers belongs to lucky old George now and I'm sure he appreciates his luck, just as I would :D Thanks my friend.

  2. Very god caption i;;ostrating the tragedy opf the GS & very good use of pic.

    Bey the way. why in many of your oldr posts especially in your nude caption site are many of the photos unevailable?

    I don't normally comment becusde of the huge number of pop up adds but that doesn't mean Idon't like them! Your series are vry intriguing for example I can't wait to see more of Floozy.

  3. There's actually a huge problem with a lot of the archives. It's going to take a long time to do anything about. There are some things that will be fixed slowly; others might be not working for much, much longer (if ever).

  4. Thank you for the reply. I wish you luck in fixing it.