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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Not good

Victor screamed as he looked across the park and saw his own body. If his body was over there, then he was...“!” he shouted, “I’m in Katie’s body! I’ve got damn long hair and breasts, and I have her vagina too! This is NOT good.” Victor wasn’t the only one screaming. The whole world would shout as a result of the Great Shift.


  1. A little ho-hum play it safe with this caption. Turning into a woman and then mentioning having boobs, a vagina, and long hair? I feel like a fun story could have been made with how colorfully gaudy Lea Michelle's outfit is. Fair effort, but could have used more creativity and story.

  2. I'd love to have a body like that :) Hell...I'd KILL for have a body like that!

  3. Oh..and the title is wrong, and so is he, it IS good to wind up in a sexy body like that :)

  4. I can't promise that every caption I write will be compelling; I can't even promise that ANY will. I'm personally a fan of short and cliche, but not everybody is.