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Saturday, October 1, 2011

A long night: A new beginning

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Chuck had to get back to the machine! But there was one problem...he couldn’t move! He thought about it and realized the distance must be a factor. It would take him longer to adjust and adapt to his new body. He started by moving the head, and soon enough got his hands moving. The legs took several hours, and it would be even more before he could actually stand himself up. He was fretting about the damage the machine could do in the meantime. It would swap anyone who got close. He also theorized that the swaps wouldn’t be just between two people. For instance, the woman whose body he was now in wasn’t in Diane’s body (which Chuck had previously been in), it was likely pushed into a body even further away--resulting in potentially infinite swaps! He had a plan to reverse it all, but before he could get to the machine, he would have to be able to stand up!


  1. I have a feeling that this is the reason as of why the great shift happened.

  2. LOL! I like it that he can think again. I wondr how many people were swapped? Fascinating story. PLS continue. Again thanks for adding to a multi part story