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Sunday, October 30, 2011


Dr. Brent Tesla was working with his team on a mind-reading machine. They needed to make a few tweaks, but expected it to be completed within two weeks. However, their biggest investor, Mrs. Natalie Van Strosser, came in and demanded an early test. They protested; it wasn’t ready. She threatened to pull funding, so they reluctantly warmed up the machine. Unfortunately, it was too powerful, resulting in Brent switching bodies with Natalie--and frying the circuits in the process. She was furious, and threatened once again to pull funding. The rest of the staff calmed her down. If she pulled funding, there would be no chance of getting her body back. Plus, who would believe who she really was in Brent’s body? Meanwhile, Dr. Tesla planned to use Natalie’s body to secure additional funding for the future.


  1. Great caption! Could you do one about the wild west? :)

  2. I think he planned that malfunction, lol. Great caption, thanks :)

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