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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Presentable (Part 1)

Karl had been sitting on the couch waiting for his girlfriend to get ready to go out for about an hour now. He yelled to her, “Could you please hurry up?”

“These things take time!” She yelled back, “I hope you’re ready!”

He looked down at his sweatshirt and jean, “Yeah! I’m good”

“...And you better not be wearing an old hoodie or anything!”

He sighed and groaned at his girlfriend’s insistence. Now he’d have to go put on a shirt, but he looked down a second time, his body had changed dramatically! He was now in his girlfriend’s body! Then she came storming out of the bathroom--she had his body!

“You call THIS ready to go?” She asked motioning downward.

“And you looked ready to go to me!” He responded, “What was taking you so long?”

“Well, now that you have my body, you’ll probably find out soon enough. Now just wait here. I’m going to go make YOUR body look presentable!”


  1. LOL, great caption and a superb use of picture :) One of your best!!

  2. LOL funny beginning. Too true as wekk I ofetn see dating couples whre the woman ha taken pains with her appeearence & looksgood well the boy looks like something the cat turned p his nose at