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Thursday, October 20, 2011


Quincey hated moving to the suburbs. But upon finding a strange machine in the backyard shed that could swap bodies, he started to enjoy it. He first swapped with his sister. She didn’t like being in his nerdy body, and though he enjoyed being a woman, being his own sister felt weird. He eventually plotted to switch with Erica, the popular red-head down the street. However, the machine malfunction, merging Quincey and Erica into one person. Quincey was fortunately the dominant personality (even if his body was mostly the very feminine Erica), but how was he going to explain this to everyone. He wasn’t even sure people would recognize him as Erica or Quincey.


  1. Fantastic caption, one of your best!! I love mergings and body parts swaps, anything like that :) Thank you!!

  2. I'm sure she's not too happy having to share her body with a boy--not that she has much choice in the matter.

  3. Bdy merge captions are the best