Saturday, October 8, 2011

A lot worse

Will couldn’t believe his bad luck with the Great Shift; he got trapped in the body of a pregnant woman! The baby inside his belly seemed to kick at him non-stop. After an ultrasound, the doctor said that it was likely that another person had shifted into Will’s unborn child. They were probably scared, confused, and dying to get out. With each kick, Will realized that as bad as he thought his situation may be, it could have been a lot worse.

Friday, October 7, 2011


After moving into a new house on the edge of town, Kyle found a strange device in a shed out back. It allowed two people to swap bodies! He first used it to switch with his girlfriend, and she was furious. She stormed off, and Kyle used the opportunity to dress her body up in leather and high heels, and he lathered on makeup like she never would. He looked in the mirror in the shed and wished that she would’ve dressed up like this sometimes. However, that’s when the family cat came in, accidentally activating the device. Before long the cat was in Kyle’s girlfriend’s body and Kyle was in the cat’s body. The cat ran out to go drink some milk, and Kyle needed to figure out how to lure it back and how to activate the machine with the paws he now had.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Charlie couldn’t have known the sands of the beach where he fell asleep were magical; neither could have the children who buried him known. But they freaked out and ran after his body started to transform. It scared them to see the grown man slowly change into a woman. When Charlie woke up, he’d be scared as well. Terrified of the unfamiliar body he now possessed.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Not good

Victor screamed as he looked across the park and saw his own body. If his body was over there, then he was...“!” he shouted, “I’m in Katie’s body! I’ve got damn long hair and breasts, and I have her vagina too! This is NOT good.” Victor wasn’t the only one screaming. The whole world would shout as a result of the Great Shift.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


So far it didn’t really bother Calvin that he was stuck in Amanda’s body for the next week. However, that changed once he ran into her boyfriend. The guy just couldn’t keep his hands of of her body, and Calvin wasn’t quite sure how to tell the guy that it wasn’t her inside of it! The whole thing just made him feel so uncomfortable. It felt weird being kissed by another guy, even if he was inside the body of a girl!

Monday, October 3, 2011

The necklace (Part 1)

Jake had met a hot girl at a club last night. He was shot down while trying to score, and when he tried to get her number, she pulled out a strange necklace. She told him that she doesn’t give out her number, but if he wore this, she promised that he would see her again. The next day he pulled the necklace out of his pocket. He put it around his neck, and it started to glow. As the strange glow disappeared, Jake looked down to see that his body had changed. He recognized the body--it was the woman’s he met last night. Well, that body was his now. Why would she want to give this body up? And why would she want his? For that matter, how could she even do something like this? He guessed the necklace was magic, but magic didn’t really exist, did it? Then again, the evidence that it did was all too real for Jake now.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Presentable (Part 1)

Karl had been sitting on the couch waiting for his girlfriend to get ready to go out for about an hour now. He yelled to her, “Could you please hurry up?”

“These things take time!” She yelled back, “I hope you’re ready!”

He looked down at his sweatshirt and jean, “Yeah! I’m good”

“...And you better not be wearing an old hoodie or anything!”

He sighed and groaned at his girlfriend’s insistence. Now he’d have to go put on a shirt, but he looked down a second time, his body had changed dramatically! He was now in his girlfriend’s body! Then she came storming out of the bathroom--she had his body!

“You call THIS ready to go?” She asked motioning downward.

“And you looked ready to go to me!” He responded, “What was taking you so long?”

“Well, now that you have my body, you’ll probably find out soon enough. Now just wait here. I’m going to go make YOUR body look presentable!”