Saturday, October 22, 2011

Get used to it (Part 2)

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“I can’t fucking believe it!” Christopher exclaimed, “First, you use that damn Medallion to swap our bodies, then you tell me we have to stay like this until I finish having your period. Now you tell me you’ve lost it? It hadn’t even been twenty four hours and you’ve already lost it?”

“Right,” Esther lied, “I lost it. We’re stuck as each other!”

Friday, October 21, 2011

Birthday (Part 8)

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Matt had been stuck in the older woman’s body for two days before he finally felt the familiar tingle. He found himself outside of a club, now in the body of a much younger woman. A cell phone in his new purse rang almost immediately. The caller ID said “Mom.” Matt picked it up to hear crying. He knew that he must’ve swapped bodies with the woman’s daughter--perhaps a second daughter? It meant that Matt was young again, but the daughter had lost several decades of her life now that she was trapped in her own mother’s body. Matt wished he could do something to help, but so far the swaps had been out of his control and a little unpredictable. He didn’t know who he would swap with or how long he would swap for--A few days? A few minutes? Though he continued to hear sobbing over the phone, Matt slowly hung up the cell and placed it back in his purse.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Quincey hated moving to the suburbs. But upon finding a strange machine in the backyard shed that could swap bodies, he started to enjoy it. He first swapped with his sister. She didn’t like being in his nerdy body, and though he enjoyed being a woman, being his own sister felt weird. He eventually plotted to switch with Erica, the popular red-head down the street. However, the machine malfunction, merging Quincey and Erica into one person. Quincey was fortunately the dominant personality (even if his body was mostly the very feminine Erica), but how was he going to explain this to everyone. He wasn’t even sure people would recognize him as Erica or Quincey.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Alien adventure (Part 2)

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Jason’s immediate response was to reach the gun in his hand up in fear, threatening the aliens who had conducted the brain swap. The aliens were confused. They couldn’t understand why this woman’s friendly personality abruptly changed after the transplant. Plus, she knew the gun in her hands, while decent protection against lesser beings, would do little to affect them. They simply did not understand the function of the human brain. They had thought of it like a heart or a liver. As Jason screamed and demanded answers, they began to hypothesize exactly what the organ they transplanted did. It seemed to control emotion, memory, and personality. Jason began to get scared as the aliens came closer...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Smart guy

Ken wasn’t asking how he ended up in the body of his mother; he was more concerned with how to get back to his own body! He was pretty sure it had something to do with that strange machine in the shed behind his parents’ new home. It started sparking and making weird noises right before the swap happened. Ken knew if he put his mind to it that he could figure it out. After all, he was a smart guy--even if he was now technically a smart woman!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The game

Kevin was really regretting finding that strange board game in the attic. Once he saw it, he felt compelled to bring it downstairs, and his entire family seemed forced to play. His first roll of the die resulted in drawing a card that instructed him to switch bodies with the player to his left, his sister Gwen. He didn’t really mind that. Gwen was hot (even if Kevin wouldn’t admit it under normal circumstances). She had been dressed to go out on a date when the game pulled her in. Kevin uncomfortably adjusted himself in her leather dress, weirded out by the two large breasts now hanging from his chest. The rest of the family continued the game. The next few moves resulted with his parents swapping genitals, his brother peeing himself, and his sister losing a turn. Kevin went again, and he was made to switch ages with his father. Then the game paused--forcing the family to live with their changes for 24 hours until it resumed. This meant that for the next day Kevin would be in a version of his sister’s body that was 50 years old!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A plan (Part 2)

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James managed to escape, but Tammy wasn’t so lucky. He had no idea what that crazy scientist would do to Tammy and his body. He was thankful to be free, even if he was stuck in Tammy’s body. He first went back to his own house where he went to the basement. He ran his hand along one of his record players as he realized he wouldn’t be living his own life any more. He’d be living Tammy’s. Because, of course, no one would believe his story of his brain being transplanted into her body. It was too outrageous. Then he realized what he would have to do--sneak back into the mad scientist’s lab, save Tammy, and figure out a way back to his own body!