Saturday, December 31, 2011


“No way, Ellen!” Adam exclaimed, “After you ‘borrowed’ my body, you told me that you’d give it back in one day. It’s been two. You told me you’d switch us back if I wore this leather skirt and damned high heeled boots, but you haven’t. Now you say that the only way you’ll return us to normal if I have sex with you? No way! I have no interest in letting you stick that penis inside of me--even if it is mine. I’m not the slightest bit curious what sex as a woman feels like. And why should I believe you’ll do what you say even after we have sex? Not this time, Ellen! I would rather be stuck in your body for the rest of my life than keep giving into your ever increasing demands.”

Friday, December 30, 2011

One night (Part 5)

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Zach smiled as he stumbled through his words, asking Denise if they could make the swap permanent. There was a long pause, and then Denise smiled too. She was going to ask him the same thing, but she didn’t think he’d ever want to stay in a woman’s body. The two laughed and smiled a little more before saying goodbye and starting on their new lives.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Brad Grant had always dreamed of being a hero. He had joined the air force over a decade ago in the hopes of doing something great. However, after two tours of duty in the Gulf, it felt like he was simply destroying innocent lives instead of making a real difference. He now lived a civilian life and had mostly forgotten his once high aspirations. It was a routine business trip to Vegas where his dreams had the chance to live once more. An event that would be come to be called The Great Shift happened mid-air. Everyone on board swapped bodies. Brad found himself in the body of a stewardess. The plane started to dip. The young boys now inhabited the bodies of the pilots, and the pilots minds were nowhere to be found. As the only one with any flight experience, Brad rushed the cockpit. Though many flights on that day would end in tragedy, Brad landed the plane he was on successfully. He became a national hero, but he was just glad that he was finally able to do some good int he world.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Student body (Part 3)

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Richard Strauss stood frozen in front of his class hoping to overcome his new anxiety. He was relieved when a voice over the intercom dismissed classes for the day. The faculty stayed behind to discuss the situation. Richard walked down the hall to the teachers’ lounge. He paused as he looked around. It was no wonder the students had trouble learning in this environment. The building was in bad need of repairs. If the community didn’t value the place where the students learned, what message did that send?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


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Gus sighed. The economy had hit him hard, and he was taking his last $40 out of his bank account. He had always hoped for a better life, but was never able to achieve it. When the ATM asked if he wanted “change,” he couldn’t help but say yes...and what a change he got! The previous user had been a rich blonde woman, and the ATM changed Gus into her! It would be the start of a great new life for Gus, but whoever used it next would be stuck with poor, old Gus’s body!

Monday, December 26, 2011


Ken had grumbled when the Great Shift first happened, and he ended up in the body of his sister, May. But his anger son turned to worry after getting in touch with the rest of his family and discovered not one had heard from May. As the weeks passed, hope gave out, and the family believed that she must have wound up in one of the many bodies that had died as a result of the Shift. Since he had her body, Ken decided his sister’s memory would live through him. May had loved ballet, so he dedicated a good portion of his time to it. Next week, he had an audition that might allow him to turn pro. May would be proud.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Pablo peaked over the stable door to see his old body passed out in a pile of manure. He wasn’t sure what had caused him to swap bodies with his employer, Ms. VanWoodser, but he had to admit it felt good to be in her rich body. She must have passed out from the shock of being in his body. It probably wasn’t easy to adjust from to being in the body of a house servant after being a wealthy heiress.