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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Body swap crimes division

Zach had worked hard on the force for ten years, and he was happy to get his latest promotion to the body swap crimes division. When an inventor developed body swapping technology a few years back, stealing someone else’s body became popular very quickly. Most major cities had to implement similar divisions to combat the new breed of criminals. It was a difficult job with a high burden of proof on the police’s part. But some days it was easy. Zach’s latest arrest, for instance. He couldn’t imagine how the woman had been dumb enough to swap bodies with a cop like him in broad daylight. He simply grabbed the handcuffs from his former body and placed her under arrest. The only pain for Zach from the whole thing was the judicial process. He’d be stuck in the woman’s body at least until they scored a confession and perhaps all the way through trial. However, it didn’t appear that she’d be confessing anytime soon. Luckily, the swapping left a trace signature of the original owner, but of course that meant he’d have plenty of visits with the evidence team and specialists. It’d be a pain to be stuck as this woman for that time, but he was glad he’d be a part of getting one more non-consensual body swapping scumbag off the streets.


  1. Well I'm sorry to say I would be one of those "scumbags" if it meant getting a body like this ;)