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Monday, October 22, 2012


The New Great Shift TG Captions body swap
Thom had feared this day ever since the Great Shift. He had tried his best to avoid it. Once he had escaped his old life, he had never wanted to go back or even be reminded of it. He had been pretty lucky with the Shift, he ended up in a beautiful young woman’s body. It had given him confidence, he got a better paying job and was now engaged to a nice man. His old body had first contacted him by email. Thom didn’t respond at first, but then he got another and another and then eventually a phone call. It took a few months of pestering before Thom finally agreed to briefly meet with the person now in his former body. He looked towards the ground when he first saw the person approaching the coffee shop where they had agreed to meet. But he slowly gazed his eyes back. Thom had to give whoever it was some credit. For starters, his body had lost at least thirty pounds, enough to make it look kind of handsome. His unkempt beard had been shaven off. Whoever it was inside his old body didn’t look upset either; they almost seemed happy. In a way, Thom was revealed. He had been nervous because he felt guilty. He had gotten such a great body because of the Shift that he just felt bad for whoever got his. But it seemed it wasn’t really that bad.

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