Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Amy had been best friends with Robyn since they were kids, and she had developed a crush on her best friend long ago. She had gotten extremely jealous when Robyn got a boyfriend, Max. In a way, she despised Max, but in reality, she wanted to be Max. Amy began researching magic on the internet, hoping to find a love spell to cast on Robyn. What she stumbled across was a body swap spell. It didn’t take her long to formulate a plan to switch bodies with Max. She cast it while Robyn and Max were hanging out. Max was shocked to find himself in Amy’s bleached blonde body, but it was Robyn who could instantly tell something wasn’t quite right with Max. He just wasn’t acting like himself -- of course, that was because Amy was now in Max’s body! Robyn couldn’t explain Max’s sudden turn in attitude and went to confide in her best friend. However, Robyn couldn’t help but notice Amy was acting off as well. Max was sure it would sound crazy, but he told Robyn who he really was, that he had somehow swapped bodies with Amy. Robyn knew it sounded unbelievable, but somehow she also knew it to be true. Somehow her boyfriend was now inside the body of her best friend. It didn’t matter whose body he had; she loved him. They kissed across the table and promised to love each other no matter what craziness came next.


  1. So I hate to sound impatient cause i know you are a busy person but when you are making some more continue captions for a long night and birthday?

  2. Serves Amy right, brilliant cap!! :)

  3. You might just see one of those continued as early as next week! :D

    1. Alright :) I was just wondering when that would happen.