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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Anne had always been a traditional, conservative woman. She believed that men should act like men, and women should act like women. However, the Great Shift would completely shake up her views of the world. She wound up in a man’s body, but she still felt like she was a woman inside. No, she still KNEW she was a woman inside. She did everything she could to hold on to her femininity, often overdoing it. She wore makeup thicker than ever before, telling herself it would hide any traces of a masculine facial structure. She never wore pants anymore; it was always dresses or skirts now. She wore high necked outfits to cover her Adam’s Apple. She looked at herself in mirror. She knew she could still pass as a woman despite what was now between her legs. But as she looked, she realized how wrong she had been for all those years. It was not about your gender on the outside, but what you feel on the inside. Maybe the Great Shift was some sort of cosmic karma to make her realize this. Maybe if she had just known this sooner, things would have been different.

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