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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Gretchen fit the stereotype of a spoiled teenager. She was dating a member of the football team, she was on the cheerleading squad, and she was highly egotistical. As a senior in her last semester, she had even given up on going to many of her classes. In the stairwell one day, she found a strange coin labeled “God for one wish.” Her egoism got the best of her, thinking of how awesome she was, she wished that everyone in school was like her. The coin disappeared in her hands! As she continued to climb the stairs, she soon found she wasn’t alone. She was taken aback when she noticed that all of them looked exactly like her! What had that wish done? She ran through the halls. Everyone’s body had been transformed into a copy of hers, all of the girls, all of the boys, and even all of the teachers! They all had her spoiled and egotistical attitude. She ran into her science class to see her teacher, Mr. Reilly (who of course had a copy of her body as well) painting his nails instead of actually teaching anything. All of her classmates were just giggling, gossiping, and bragging--and all of them had her body. She was really freaking out, but the wishing coin had disappeared. What could she possibly do to fix all this?