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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The proposal

Nancy had been hoping her boyfriend Clyde would pop the question and ask her to marry him. Her hopes were dashed when the Great Shift plopped her into the body of a man. She couldn’t imagine that he’d ever want to marry her now! She hadn’t heard a single word from him since the Shift, and she had almost given up hope that they’d even still have a relationship. She was crying her eyes out at home when the doorbell rang. She answered it and saw an unknown woman standing there. The next thing she knew the woman got down on one knee and puled out a ring! It was Clyde! He had wanted to propose for weeks, but his plan got put on hold when the Shift placed him in a woman’s body. He didn’t expect Nancy to want to marry him like this, but when a friend mentioned she was now in a man’s body, he knew he had to try!

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