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Monday, October 15, 2012


Reggie was an obese blob of a man, weighing over 300 pounds, but he was also a genius. It was how he obtained his job as lead programmer at a hi-tech company developing bodyswap technology. The test was supposed to be between two volunteers, a malfunction caused everyone at the company to switch. Reggie ended up in the body of Jane, the company’s accountant. He immediately went to work searching for any coding errors which could’ve caused the malfunction.

A half hour into his work, Kevin and Rebecca entered Reggie’s office to ask how it was going. Kevin was in charge of hardware and Rebecca was the receptionist. Kevin was in Rebecca’s blonde bombshell of a body, and Rebeca was stuck in Reggie’s body. When Reggie sighed that he hadn’t found anything wrong with the code, they both accused him of causing the accident to get a better body.

Reggie was taken aback! He didn’t like being in Jane’s body at all! He was used to being huge. Being stuck in Jane’s body felt like he didn’t even exist! It felt like his body had wasted away to nothing, and then these two jerks came making accusations? He shot back at Kevin with a stern look that there was nothing wrong with the code, that it must be his hardware, and that he must’ve had a secret plan to become Rebecca.

1 comment:

  1. I agree, Kevin is behind the swap, but Reggie didn't do too badly out of it :) Too bad about poor Rebecca, LOL. Great cap, I love multiple body swaps. Hope to see more of the same.