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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Run down (Part 1)

Sheila absolutely loved her job, and she always looked forward to a new assignment. She had taken the position when bodyswapping technology had first been invented two years ago. It was fairly straight forward and the salary was great. Clients would pay to switch bodies with her for a given period of time. She was currently meeting with a man named Rodney Lochery, who should would be swapping with very shortly. She never asked why the client wished to swap with her; it was none of her business. She certainly was curious. She didn’t swap with very many men. The ones who did were usually gay. Rodney seemed like an average dude. He didn’t seem very interested in what Sheila had to say about the swap. It was particularly odd considered they’d be swapped for a whole month -- such as the fact that while masturbation was allowed, sex was forbidden (bodies are carefully monitored). Rodney just sort of nodded. Sheila opened up her purse to show Rodney some tampons and explained how to use them; since he’d be in her body for a full month, using them would be a necessity. He just sort of shrugged. She was really having a hard time figuring this guy out. Why on Earth would he want to switch bodies with her? It’s not like it mattered; she got paid no matter what happened, and after her brief run down of rules and basic facts about her body, the swap would come in 5...4...3...2...1...

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  1. Oooh wow, I really like the look of this series. Can't wait to see part two :) Thanks.