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Thursday, October 18, 2012


The advertisements promised an end to death as we know it.
A new company had developed technology to place the brains of humans into cyborgs; it promised near immortality except for any sudden accidents or brain diseases. Humanoid robots had been around for a while now, but so far their actions were programmed--they were designed as maids to help out around the house or as sexbots. The idea of putting a real human brain inside of a cyborg was completely new. The demand was outrageous, but the supply of cyborgs designed to accommodate a brain was limited. The wealthiest citizens quickly bought out the inventory. Frank was on death’s door; he couldn’t wait for a restock. But the elderly man was also resourceful. Seeing a sexbot in the store, he asked how similar the wiring was to the newer models. The technician in the store had to admit that there was no real reason it couldn’t be done, and soon enough Frank plunked down his cash and was ready for the transplant. The transfer took only a few hours, but for Frank it seemed like a mere instant. One minute he was in his old, frail body and the next he was a blonde bombshell. Despite being made of synthetic materials, the body felt very human. Frank was thankful to be alive. However, he soon discovered a slight problem with using a sexbot for the transfer. There was residual programming left in the cyborg, and he just couldn’t stop thinking about sex and pleasuring other people!