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Monday, October 15, 2012


Paul had been living at home since graduating college. It was a quite depressing situation that lead to many days and nights of binge drinking. After finding the Medallion Zulu, those drinking sessions would often have very strange results. Today he called over his best friend, Harold. Paul then used one of his sister’s bras and turned himself into her double (she had moved out long ago). When Harold arrived, Paul would just sit in all sorts of suggestive ways and ultimately asked Harold to sleep together. But Harold was hesitant.

“Come on,” Paul drunkenly begged while spreading his legs wide, “You’ve always wanted to get with my sister.”

“My sister?” Harold asked a little confused.

Paul quickly confessed about the medallion and who he really was, but he maintained that the offer to sleep together was still on the table.

Harold rejected the advance, “You may look like your sister, but it’s still you in there, Paul. It would just seem...a little weird.”

1 comment:

  1. I'd kill to get into a body like that!! Why can't I ever find the Medallion of Zulo? Saying that...I'd much rather have the original body than a copy ;)