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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bullied (Part 1)

No one would ever claim that being a nerd in school was easy. It was something that Henry had to remind himself of every day. He thought things were going well when the popular kids simply left him alone. Today was not one of those days.

He was discussing D&D with a three of his friends in the hallways between classes. Henry felt someone grab him. He tried to struggle free, but he wasn’t strong enough. He knew it was one of the bullies, but he couldn’t see who. Before he knew it, he was being brought into the gym and being thrown into the women’s locker room. He heard three thuds and looked back to see other bullies had thrown in his friends, Max, Thomas, and Chung right after him. Then he heard screams and looked up to see four of the most popular girls in school changing out of their gym clothes. Then things got really weird.

It was silent for a minute. It felt like time was standing still, except things were still moving, but moving in ways that no one in the room could describe. Then the screams continued, but for very different reasons. The four girls found they had swapped bodies with the nerds and were rightfully freaking out. The four nerds weren’t fairing much better now that they were in the bodies of the girls...

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