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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

No Matter

Dr. Kevin Marx was excited. His experiment had been a success; perhaps more than he could’ve ever imagined. The goal of his work for the past two decades had been the ability to transmit brain waves from one body to another, essentially a body swap. He had strapped into a chair in his lab, expecting to swap bodies with one of his assistants seated right next to him. Instead, his consciousness shot straight out of his lab -- straight out of the entire building -- and right into the body of a woman who had been walking outside. He realized he must have gotten a few calculations wrong, but the fact that he was now in someone else’s meant his core theories were correct! He was sure that it would take him some time to find his error. Until he did, he wouldn’t be able to control who he swapped with. He couldn’t take that risk. It didn’t matter much to him. He’d just continue to work in this body until he could correct any flaw. However, the prospect of waiting to swap back mattered very much to the woman he had swapped with.

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