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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Bullied (Part 2)

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The screams settled down soon enough with each group of friend staring vacantly at the other. Henry took a deep breath. He knew the name of the girl whose body he was now in, Melinda. He doubted that she knew his name. He made a slow move to continue changing out of her gym clothes. She freaked out at first, but quickly she and the others realized they had a vested interest in getting these guys changed soon as possible. Henry, Max, Thomas, and Chung soon had all sorts of hands helping them get into outfits and put on makeup. When they got back into the school hallways, they all continued to stare at each other, still in disbelief of what had happened. The girls were quite devastated that they were now in the bodies of nerdy boys. The boys had no idea how they were going to deal with being in the bodies of popular girls..

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  1. LOL! super use of pic!. I hope you continuue the series to a rsolution