Monday, February 13, 2017

Out of the Stall

Jerry walked into the men’s room and stood in front of the urinal. But before he could get a chance to use it, he was startled by a woman coming out of one of the stalls. She stuttered for a moment as she tried to explain that she wasn’t a woman, or rather she was a woman now, but she hadn’t been one just a few minutes ago. There was some sort of blue light, something about an alien and an experiment -- she couldn’t quite remember all the details. She did remember being a man. In fact, she remembered most of who she was except for her old name. She ran absent-mindedly into the bathroom, not really thinking about the gender written on the door. She also felt a strong desire she couldn’t explain, which of course was due to the Role Exchanger increasing the sex drive of this man’s new body by a thousand times.

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