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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Pull Over (Part 3)

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Phillip was only standing outside the car about a minute when a stout middle aged man approached.

“Thank God your okay, Honey!” The man said.

“Um...what?” Phillip laughed inquisitively.

The man’s hopeful face frowned, “If affected you too, didn’t it? You’re not actually my wife, are you?”

“i think it affected everyone.” Phillip paused as he put a few pieces together in his head, “Whoever wound up in your body parked the car safely before he ran off.”

“He didn’t leave any information?”


“Well, let me give you my card. There are some in the glove box. And write your information down as well. You should probably try to go find your own car and head home. I’ll make sure my wife gets in touch with you and gives you any information you need to know. I’m going to wait for her right here.”

“Thanks,” Phillip was a little taken aback about how this man seemed to be treating swapping bodies like getting in a car accident. He supposed it made some sense. He said goodbye as he began to look for his own car.

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