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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Soul (Part 1)

Jason stood frozen at the sight he just witnessed. He had just seen his own body struck by a bus. It didn’t even seem possible. He wasn’t aware that the bus was there until he clearly saw what was his body getting hit. It almost seemed like his soul was fully aware of the danger and stepped out of the way without having his body follow. Of course, even if he managed to save his soul, his body had just died. In which case, how was his soul still hanging around?

Jason had been putting most of the pieces together pretty well. Just as he was about to get hit, his soul jumped from his body. What he hadn’t figured out yet was that his soul jumped from his body and into another one. His soul wasn’t just “hanging around,” it had found a new home.

Of course, one could forgive Jason for not realizing he was now a woman at first. After all, he had just seen his own body die, which is a lot to take in just by itself.

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