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Monday, February 6, 2017

Outside (Part 1)

It seemed reasonable enough. Scott headed home immediately after the Great Shift. Finding himself in the body of a stranger was odd enough, but he wished for the familiar comfort of home. But he didn’t quite think it all through. Being in a different body meant he no longer had his own pants, which had his keys in one of the pockets. His door was, of course, locked.

He sat outside for about an hour. He wasn’t sure why he waited. It’s not like he had a spare key. It’s not like his own body was likely just to wander past by chance. Should he go find a locksmith? Then again, he had no proof that he lived here. All he had was this woman’s body and her purse. He didn’t want to think about the body he now had; he just wanted to get inside and not think about it.

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