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Monday, February 27, 2017


Pablo had been working as a bus boy for about a year now. The restaurant where he worked didn’t pay well, but it was enough. It was a miserable job that was often made worse by the owner, who liked to yell pretty much constantly, even when everyone was doing a great job. From time to time, the owner’s wife would come in instead. She was an Asian woman, about twenty years younger than the owner, and much, much nicer. Pablo often wondered what she saw in him. It was a particular relief when she showed up instead of him on busy weekend nights, as was the case on one particular Saturday.

After all the guests left late in the night, Pablo and the crew cleaned up. The owner’s wife continued to supervise. Then, just before they were done, something odd happened. A flash of blue light engulfed the restaurant. Suddenly, Pablo realized things were very different.

He had swapped bodies with the owner’s wife, and he was freaking out. He didn’t want to be a woman! And he didn’t want to go home to that brutish guy! She tried to calm Pablo down, giving him some strategies to fake being her and deal with her husband. She was sure they’d find a way to swap back, and he hopefully wouldn’t have to deal with this for too long. Pablo was less sure of all that...

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