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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Sophia was pretty sure she found the love of her life. When she met Abe two weeks ago, he called her his muse and insisted that she come live with him in his studio. Dating an artist felt like an exciting whirlwind for Sophia, but Abe was quick to bore. In fact, Sophia was his third “muse” in the past two months. He regularly went through a cycle of making a woman swoon, convince her to buy him a few things or pay the rent, dump her, then repeat the process. He didn’t even feel any emotion about it any more; it had become routine and calculated.

He knew the day that he was going to dump Sophia. All the bills were due on the first, so the second would be perfect. He never expected to wake up that morning with his body swapped with hers! But instead of freaking out about it, he just put on one of her black tops and squeezed into a pair of her leather shorts. He waited patiently for her to awake before he delivered the news.

Sophia was shocked. She couldn’t believe Abe was breaking up with her; it was even weirder that he seemed unphased by the fact that they had swapped bodies. She ran out of the studio crying.

Abe stood in front of one of his canvases as she ran out. He thought about what he was going to do now; he really didn’t know. Might he actually stop getting bored after dating someone for a few weeks now that he was a woman? Or maybe he could grift some really rich men with this cute body? It seemed quite interesting to think about, and soon he could actually try...

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