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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Soul (Part 2)

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Jason folded his arm over his stomach, feeling a churning in there after seeing his own body die. But the sickness in his belly coupled with the movement of his arms gave way to a basic realization; very real physical feelings must mean he was still very much physically there. And that’s when he really couldn’t believe it.

He had just seen him own body die because he was now in someone else’s body; the body of a woman who had been standing on the sidewalk.

The churning in his stomach got worse.

He couldn’t believe he was someone else now; he couldn’t believe he was a woman! Had his soul consciously picked this body when it jumped out of his own? What happened to her own soul? He tried to see if he could think real deep to find it inside his own head, but nothing came up. He couldn’t even think hard enough to know her name or where he lived. All he could think of was that he name was Jason, which he doubted anyone would believe if he told them that, and information about his life before being squashed by a bus.

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