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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


The Great Shift was a little hard for Dawn to adjust to. She had gone from being a mousy woman to an attractive, muscle-bound guy. She spent the first few months as a bit of a homebody, mostly trying to research online about what had happened to her own body with not much luck. At the urging of a few friends, she started going out more and more. It wasn’t uncommon for women to hit on Dawn when she went out. She knew she was an attractive man now, but it still made her uncomfortable. It was one of these outings when a woman came up to her. She smiled and began flirting. Dawn didn’t realize it at first, but something about this woman was different. Then it hit her. She was looking at herself, or her former self -- her old body. She was shocked.

The woman just smiled back, “Don’t you like what I’ve done to your body? The dyed hair? The book job? The surgeons were hesitant to perform that operation since I wanted it so soon after the Shift. They thought I was just being a typical guy overwhelmed with being a woman. But I like the changes I’ve made to your body. I think I made it look good...don’t you?”

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