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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Early Adopter (Part 3)

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Jack had nearly finished the coffee and was feeling much better. He was ready to head back to the hotel room to browse the suitcase of clothes this woman had left him with. Due to the nature of his meetings, he had requested “professional attire.” Of course, this too was a bit of hit-or-miss situation with the people you’d swap into when teleporting. It wouldn’t surprise him to find a suitcase full of ripped jeans up there -- it has happened to him before. Luckily, if the swapper doesn’t provide the requested attire, Jack can always notify the teleportation company and get reimbursed. Any such expenses are added to the other person’s final bill. It’s something Jack felt a little bit bad about last time, but he really doesn’t get much of a choice when it happens.

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