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Monday, August 14, 2017

Perfect Housewife

As soon as the door opened, Carl turned around like clockwork. “How was your day, Dear?” He asked robotically with a smile, “Dinner is on the table. I hope you enjoy it.”

Despite his outward appearance, on the inside he was screaming. He hated every minute of this. In order to teach him a lesson, his wife had used a magic spell to swap bodies with him. But it wasn’t just that. The spell had another element to it, it forced him to act like a stereotypical “perfect housewife.” Each day he had to clean, cook, grocery shop, and take care of the kids. When Allison came home in his body, he had to smile and be submissive. He only had a few moments each day when he could relax and be himself, and it was driving him nuts.

Allison, on the other hand, was having trouble telling if Carl had truly learned his lesson or if he was actually beginning to enjoy himself. After all, because of the spell, anytime she asked how he felt, he could only reply with things like “wonderful” and “just happy to be your loving wife.” She was ready to swap back, but she did want to make sure he would never underappreciate her role again...

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