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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sideline (Part 1)

It was last Sunday when the Great Shift struck and Colin went from being a rising star in the world of professional football to being on the sidelines -- quite literally. Moments after catching a game-winning touchdown, he swapped bodies with one of the cheerleaders. The whole stadium had erupted in chaos. Colin realized he had it pretty good. Sure, he wasn’t going to be a star athlete anymore, but he had a few million in the bank that could easily float him for the rest of his life; he was still young and healthy. He was sure many in the crowd weren’t so lucky. Even those now in the bodies of people on the field seemed mostly scared and confused.

A few days later, the team’s owner called him up. Colin explained that his new body wasn’t suited for the sport anymore, but he was welcomed back to watch from the sidelines anytime he wanted. Despite the chaos of the Shift, the league didn’t plan on skipping a single week. Colin decided that he wouldn’t either and showed up early to greet many of his former teammates and friends. He didn’t imagine the stands would be all that full this week. People likely still wanted time to adjust to their new bodies. Colin honestly didn’t mind his; in fact, he felt like he adjusted pretty well already...

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