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Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Adam couldn’t believe the strange device he got on his doorstep yesterday actually worked. It looked like a toy gun with a note explaining that it was a body swapper. He didn’t try it until the next morning when he aimed it carefully at the house next door. The next thing he knew he had her body. It was a bit of a shock, but he was even more surprised when his wife came into the kitchen. He practically jumped into the air and began to nervously talk.

“I-I-I I can explain,” He said.

“Explain what, Adam?” His wife asked, “Just put on a shirt. The neighbors don’t want to see you run around down here in your bra.”

Then Adam began to read some of the finer print of the note. It was a body swapper, but with the right setting no one but the person holding the device would notice the swap. Adam began to ponder the possibilities...

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  1. Please do more of this! You're my favorite captionist and I think you could do great things with this idea.