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Saturday, August 19, 2017


Harold couldn’t remember the last time he saw a phone booth. It was such an out-of-place sight that he just had to go inside. The phone was off the hook and the dial tone seemed unreasonably loud. He picked it up and heard a voice on the other end. It only said one word, “Gotcha.”

The next thing Harold knew, he felt a sharp pain in his side. Then the pain overcame his entire body. He blacked out for a moment.

But another moment later, he opened his eyes again. He felt...different. As he stumbled out of the booth, the changes to his body became apparent. He was a woman now with blond hair and pouty lips. He wore tight shorts and gold boots as well as a top that revealed his bellybutton. As much as he knew this was wrong, he didn’t feel out of place. The booth may have transformed him, but it also made him feel like the changes were normal...

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