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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Sideline (Part 4)

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Colin was glad his other former teammates were much more supportive than Jerome. Of course, many of them ha to be. When Tyler arrived on the field, he was glad to see a smile on his face. Colin just had to smile back. Tyler probably had among the worst luck of any player. He had swapped with a fan in the crowd, an 80 year old woman. He had gone from being a fit, young man to needing a walker and an oxygen tank. Tyler seemed to be in good spirits today though.

Then there was Justin, who was now in the body of a baby. It took a few days for anyone to even figure out what body Justin had swapped into. And of course Justin came with Kyle, who had swapped into the body of Justin’s mom. And when Kyle needed to feed Justin, the only one who made an sort of comment was (of course) Jerome. Colin sort of wish Jerome had swapped with someone, just to get a taste of what he seemed to be enjoying dishing out. What he didn’t know was that Jerome had, in fact, swapped, but the person inside Jerome’s body was doing a great job pretending he hadn’t...

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