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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

How to Dress

Olivia had given Jason plenty of instructions about how to dress for work after the two had swapped bodies. She told him to be professional yet feminine, to wear makeup and heels, to show a little leg with a skirt. After getting ready in the morning, Jason just felt silly. Olivia had shown him how to put on makeup, but he wondered if when he did it himself, it was a little thick. He picked out a silk blouse because to him it seemed professional, but he made sure it was pick because that seemed feminine. He felt the skirt was a little short, but she had said to show a little leg. He also figured since she told him heels that the higher they were, the better. When he walked into Olivia’s office, he turned more than a few heads, most of whom couldn’t believe the way she was dressed. He overheard a couple of rude comments, but Jason just figured that came with being a woman. The whole day was just awkward for him. Of course, Olivia wasn’t doing much better going to work at a construction site in Jason’s body. She made him look more like one of the Village People instead of a worker. They could both only hope to swap back soon...

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