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Tuesday, August 15, 2017


When Ellen had first mentioned to her husband about where she booked their vacation and what when on there, he was a little apprehensive. Brent didn’t exactly the idea of spending two weeks in the body of a random stranger while someone else would be spending time in his body. Ellen kept telling him to relax, that things would be fine, and it would be opening him up to all kinds of new experiences. It didn’t get any better as the date of the trip approached. Brent kept begging Ellen to cancel, go somewhere else instead, or just stay home. She kept insisting. The flight was tense. Brent just kept thinking about how in a few hours, he’d be stuck in someone else’s body. His heart raced faster on landing. It wasn’t until a little after check-in that it finally happened; Brent was now in a different body. The immediate change was obvious, but once in his room, he rushed to the bathroom in order to get a closer look. He couldn’t believe a different face now looked back at him from the mirror. She was an Asian woman, probably in her early 20s. She seemed to be ready to hit the pool or beach right away, judging from the swimsuit under her dress. Brent didn’t see much reason to change her plans as he removed the dress. Now that he was just wearing a swimsuit, he returned to obsess in the mirror for just a bit longer. This was still so weird. That’s when he heard his wife call out from the other room...

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