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Monday, August 7, 2017

Maid of Honor

After the reception was over, Jason went into the Bride’s Room to wait for his sister, Mary. He couldn’t believe she had talked him into all of this. On the morning of her wedding, she had called him up crying. Something had happened to her Maid of Honor, and it seems she would have to miss the wedding. Jason groggily told her he would help out in any way he could. This caused Mary to perk up. She rushed over to his hotel and brought a pink dress and a cheap looking medallion. She told him to place the medallion on his neck and then touch the dress to it. Jason couldn’t imagine why she was asking this of him, but he didn’t want to upset his sister on her wedding day. The next thing Jason knew, his body was growing breasts and getting much more feminine. No, it wasn’t just feminine; he was becoming a female. Mary instructed Jason to put on the dress, then proceeded to explain all about the Medallion of Zulu. Basically speaking, if you touched an unused piece of clothing to it, your body would transform to fit the clothes. In this case, Jason’s body transformed into a woman’s that perfectly fit the dress meant for Mary’s Maid of Honor. He then joined his sister as they both got their hair and makeup done before heading off to the big ceremony.

Other than being hit on a few times by a few of the groom’s creepy friends, Jason didn’t find his time at the wedding as a woman all that bad, but he still longed to get his body back. Hence, why he ducked out right after the reception to meet his sister in the Bride’s Room. But after a hour, she was still a no-show.

Finally, one of the other bridesmaids arrived. She explained that Mary’s new husband had surprised her, taking her immediately off on a month-long honeymoon. Jason was floored. He was going to be stuck like this for the next month until his sister got back? Uh oh...

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