Saturday, March 4, 2017

Body Shop

Old? Ugly? Just plain bored with your body? It didn’t take technology very long to be able to genetically engineer beautiful bodies and grow them to adulthood without any functioning thought; couple this with the development of brain transplantation and a whole new industry was born.

Bill had been the advertisements for a while, but he had been hesitant. He was getting older, but buying a whole new body was just so expensive. The discovery of a tumor resulted in his doctor giving him a prescription, which meant insurance would now cover it. Suddenly, the cost of getting a new body was a whole lot cheaper.

When he arrived at the office, Bill was a little creeped out. Next to the woman at the front desk stood a few sample bodies. They were flesh and blood, breathing humans, but without any thoughts, they simply stood there motionless. As he filled out a few forms, the receptionist explained that there were plenty more bodies in the back, but if he was interested in any of the ones out front, they could easily swap his brain into one of the bodies as he looked around.

He thought about quickly bolting out of the room, finding the experience weird. Instead he pointed timidly and said, “That one.”

The swap was instant and painless. The woman simply put a helmet on his head, a few moments later, she removed it -- only now it was no longer on the same head. Bill stood in a slightly different position in the room, now looking at his own body standing lifeless. He looked down to see the striped shirt, ripped jeans, and purple heels that he had seen on the body only moments ago. He picked a woman’s body out of curiosity, thinking he’d pick a male one as his final decision after looking through the back rooms.

He was lead back and allowed to explore on his own. He did so in silence, with only the clicking of his heels on the floor making noise. He didn’t approach any of the bodies too closely; it was still too weird seeing real human beings just standing there unable to act. In fact, it was hard for him to believe the body he had now had been one of those lifeless beings just moments ago. He almost felt a little bad if he was to abandon it to that fate. Plus, after walking around for a while with it, the body simply felt...comfortable. As he made his way through the last of the rooms, he smiled. He had made a decision. He was going to keep this body. He had given it a test run, and he liked it. Sure, it might be a little weird to be a woman from now on, but it hadn’t been so bad so far. Granted, it had only been about fifteen minutes, but how much could he possibly have to learn about being a woman?

Friday, March 3, 2017

Salvage (Part 2)

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Howard walked back to the lobby of the abandoned building. The first thing he learned was that running around in six inch platform heels wasn’t exactly easy. Of course, with the amount of debris on the ground make taking them off an implausible option as well.

When he looked out to the parking lot out front, Howard discovered a second problem. Thankfully, his truck was still there, but someone had cleaned out a lot of the tech equipment that he salvaged from the building. It was at least half gone. Frustrated, he put his hands on his hips.

He could go back and grab more. Of course, with this smaller frame and with these shoes, he’d move slower and have to take more trips. Doing so might just give more opportunity to whoever raided his truck. He could just make do with what they didn’t take. It was going to be hit or miss if he had taken the right equipment and parts to build his own transformation machine. Maybe the right things were still in there; if he had even gotten the right things in the first place. Finally, he could make the long trek back to the object that had transformed him into this woman.

He stood there pondering his options for a few minutes. Ultimately, he decided to take his truck back home. He’d unload everything into his basement and get to work. If he could build something to get him back to normal, that’d be amazing; if he couldn’t, he’d come back. He’d go back to that weird glowing object and be transformed again.

Thursday, March 2, 2017


The large warning signs should’ve been a clear indication to stay away, but Howard was much too interested in the abandoned industrial building to stay away. There was a bunch of weird technology that he was pretty excited to salvage. It took about ten trips to fill up the back of his pickup truck. He decided that he’d take just one more trip inside, then he’d be done for the day.

It was an area surrounded by warning signs and a broken chain link fence. There was something weird inside that was glowing. There wasn’t any power in the building, so Howard started to imagine the device was some sort of new, experimental power source. When he reached out and touched it, everything went dark.

He awoke some time later, still in the abandoned building with the object still glowing an eerie yellow. But something was different -- very different. It was his body. Instead of being the average nerdy tech guy that he once was, he was now a gorgeous woman with the clothes to match. That device certainly wasn’t an energy source; Howard’s best guess was that it was some sort of transformation device. He could go back in and try to touch it again. Maybe he’d be transformed back...or maybe he’d be transformed into something worse. If he touched it again, would he even remain human?

Of course, he had quite a bit of stolen, unknown tech in his truck. If this company had been working on the kind of stuff that could do this, he might be able to use the stuff he had stolen to recreate the device but with a little bit more control. Maybe he could use what he had taken in order to get himself back to normal.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Diet (Part 2)

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Jonathan had been so overjoyed to have lost weight in an instant thanks to being swapped into a new body by the Great Shift that he didn’t consider the fact that keeping this new body thin might take some effort. In fact, he celebrated his new body with a great big meal. And he kept up the way he had been eating before the Shift...with no exercise as well. It didn’t take very long before his new body began to gain quite a bit of weight. In fact, after a year, the amount he had gained was considerable.

He didn’t think it was much of a problem, since he still weighed less than he had in his old body. Of course, he hadn’t taken into account his new body was shorter than his old one, nor did he consider the differences between men and women. It didn’t take him long to be back to an unhealthy weight.

Despite this, he still enjoyed embracing his new femininity. He still loved wearing dresses and heels. Plus, despite the extra pounds, he was damn sure that he still looked hot as hell.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Right before the Great Shift, Jonathan visited his doctor, who gave him some bad news. Jonathan knew he was overweight, but his doctor warned him that if he didn’t bring his weight down soon, he’d like be dead before 45. Considering Jonathan was already 40, he didn’t like this one bit. As he walked to his car, he thought about the long, difficult process of losing weight. Past attempts were always unsuccessful.

But something else happened on his way to the car. A strange flash of light hit him and swapped his body. He found himself in a completely different body. He was now 20 years younger, female, and (most importantly) a heck of a lot lighter. He returned to his home overjoyed. This was the best, easiest diet he could’ve ever asked for. It wasn’t hard for him to embrace his new female form either, especially with a body that looked this good!

Monday, February 27, 2017


Pablo had been working as a bus boy for about a year now. The restaurant where he worked didn’t pay well, but it was enough. It was a miserable job that was often made worse by the owner, who liked to yell pretty much constantly, even when everyone was doing a great job. From time to time, the owner’s wife would come in instead. She was an Asian woman, about twenty years younger than the owner, and much, much nicer. Pablo often wondered what she saw in him. It was a particular relief when she showed up instead of him on busy weekend nights, as was the case on one particular Saturday.

After all the guests left late in the night, Pablo and the crew cleaned up. The owner’s wife continued to supervise. Then, just before they were done, something odd happened. A flash of blue light engulfed the restaurant. Suddenly, Pablo realized things were very different.

He had swapped bodies with the owner’s wife, and he was freaking out. He didn’t want to be a woman! And he didn’t want to go home to that brutish guy! She tried to calm Pablo down, giving him some strategies to fake being her and deal with her husband. She was sure they’d find a way to swap back, and he hopefully wouldn’t have to deal with this for too long. Pablo was less sure of all that...

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Bullied (Part 5)

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By the time prom rolled around at the end of the year, the four nerds had gotten very used to their new bodies and being female. Putting on fancy dresses and makeup for the big night felt like second nature at that point. With graduation around the corner, they knew it should be a happy night, a night of celebration, but they all had another thought in the back of their heads. They knew that when they went off to college, the chances of getting back to their original bodies would diminish. Despite growing very used to being popular and female, there was something terrifying about knowing that they wouldn’t be seeing their former bodies around anymore. It would cement who they were now in way that hadn’t quite felt so permanent until this point.