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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A Promise

The Great Shift was fairly devastating for Kevin at first. He found himself in a body that was nearly twice his own age, and he was depressed to be over fifty years old. He grumbled for a few days as he searched for his girlfriend to find that she was now over three times her own age and in the body of a man in his eighties. She knew her days would be short, and she made sure to have him promise that he’d live his life to its fullest.

It sobered Kevin up. He no longer wallowed in self-pity, and he made sure he kept his new body in the best shape it could be in. He jogged every day and ate right. It sure sucked to lose a few decades of life, but he knew it could be worse. He owed it to his girlfriend to make the most of what he had, because she had even less.

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