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Thursday, June 28, 2018


When Lily became head cheerleader, she didn’t exactly treat the other girls with much respect. In fact, it wasn’t long before all the members became fed up with her and quit. With an upcming tournament, Lily became desperate. While she usually tuned her nerdy brother Miles out, a recent comment about an invention he had been working on in their basement had caught her ear. She swipped the device and used it on her brother and his two equally nerdy friends who were visiting.

She smiled at the result. The device worked exactly as her brother described and turned him and his two friends into copies of Lily. The only thing they each retained from their own bodies was their glasses. Miles put his hands on his hips. He knew his sister used his device without his permission.

“Look, Boys,” She demanded, “If you want your own bodies back, you are going to help me win my upcoming tournament. If I remember my brother’s description, you should have my muscle memory and my athleticism. A bit of training from me and you should be up to speed.” Miles knew his sister was serious, which meant he had to reluctantly go along with this. Meanwhile, his two friends had both secretly thought Lily was pretty hot. They didn’t quite care what the plan was, they were just happy to be able to explore her body a little closer -- even this close!

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