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Monday, June 25, 2018

Second Time's a Charm

Ethan was pretty excited to be taking a taxi today. Of course that was because he knew exactly what was special about this particular taxi -- it was magic! He had been the driver of this taxi about a month ago, right after the previous driver had used the magic of the taxi to steal his body. And in turn, he proceeded to steal the young woman’s body he currently possessed. It was a bit of an accident on his part. He hadn’t intended to swap with her; he hated being a woman. But now he was going to have a second chance.

He faked getting a phone call and started talking very loud about “daddy’s money” and the “big inheritance” he should be receiving any day when “daddy kicks the bucket.” It was all a lie, of course, but he wanted to seem rich, spoiled, and undeserving. He wanted to make this body desirable but also unworthy -- in essence, a perfect target for any good natured driver of this magic taxi. Heck, it’d even work for any bad-natured driver also.

But the ride came and went and Ethan arrived safely at his destination without swapping once again into the body of the taxi’s driver. There was no “Have a nice day,” no $50 tip. He just stood on the curb wondering what he did wrong, and it he would get a third shot at riding in the magic taxi.

1 comment:

  1. Silly boy - looks like he already won the magic taxi lottery. :)