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Friday, June 22, 2018

Emergency Landing

When the plane suddenly dropped in altitude and the oxygen masks came down, Edward was sure the transpacific flight he was on would surely be his last. Luckily, the plane stabilized and the pilot announced they were going in for an emergency landing. The unexpected stop was going to be at a place called Exchange Island, and when they landed things went from bad to weird.

Like everyone else on the plane, Edward swapped bodies with someone upon landing. He found himself on the beach in a woman’s body. He held his head, wondering if the landing had been a dream and this was all just in his head from a lack of oxygen -- or his brain going on a wild trip before he suffered a fiery death. But it all felt so real! Even the new weird on his chest and the feeling of the bikini strings on his skin.


  1. Oh, nicely done - I like the way you worked in the sensations and confusion.