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Friday, June 8, 2018

Down (Part 3)

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Figuring out who was who took a bit of time. Clifford found out that he was in the body of a woman named Amanda. Amanda was in the body of a man named Armando. Armando was in the older woman’s body, Laura. Laura was in Todd’s body, and Todd was in Clifford’s. If being in the wrong body wasn’t stressful enough for the small group, the realization that the elevator hadn’t moved an inch added to the stress.

There was a brief silence that Amanda finally broke, “It’s okay. We need to figure out a plan about what to do once we get to the lobby.”

“What do you mean?” Armando asked.

“She’s right,” Clifford interjected, “If we get down there and we tell people we’ve swapped bodies, they’ll think we’ve gone crazy. We’re going to have to pretend we are who we appear to be...”

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