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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Down (Part 1)

Clifford didn’t have too many complaints about his job as a security guard in a midtown office building. Sure, he had to show up in the morning at 4am, but he would leave for the day just as everyone else was heading out to lunch. At the end of his day, he’d do go up floor by floor to do a pass of the building and then head straight down the elevator, which often filled up with people heading out to eat.

But one day as he headed down with about half a dozen people with him in the elevator, the light began to flash between the sixth and fifth floors then the shaft began to shake. The next thing Clifford did was look down at his hands; they were pale and feminine. He was holding a purse. He had swapped bodies with a woman he had been riding the elevator with, and he couldn’t even begin to fathom how it happened.

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