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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

All the Time

“Wow,” Mei said as she examined the nails of her latest customer, “You must get manicures all the time. Your nails are gorgeous.”

“Actually,” Sam said averting his eyes, “This is my first time in a nail salon.”

“Then you must take very good at home.”

“Not really, no. And believe me, if I told you why, you wouldn’t believe me.” Sam didn’t know how to explain that he wasn’t in his own body, that he had swapped bodies with his girlfriend, that he hadn’t actually ever stepped foot in a nail salon before, but his girlfriend had gone all the time. It was a practice she insisted he keep doing for as long as they were swapped. Maybe if he had to keep going back here, he’d explain it al, but he was honestly still haven’t a hard time wrapping his own head around it.

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