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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Next One

“Can’t you just relax, Carl?” Marie sighed, “It will all be over soon.”

Karl glared back at Marie and replied, “Over the past two days, I’ve slowly been swapping body parts with you thanks to some magic spell you cast. Right now, I have about 90% of your body, and it’s extemely uncomfortable and weird.”

“And the next thing will be our faces and shortly after will be our brains. Then we’ll both be back to normal. I hoped this experience would give you some appreciation of how difficult it is being me!”

“Except I haven’t been you, I’ve been some sort of half-you-half-me freak! Yeah, things like the hair and clothes weren’t easy, but I still wouldn’t know what it’s like to ‘be you.’”

Marie just rolled her eyes. She certainly never enjoy arguing with her boyfriend like this, but she knew once this spell had run its course, she’d just cast another to make him forget it. Then she could continue testing out all the strange spells on him from that book she found. Each one was crazier than the one before it. She couldn’t wait for the next one!

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