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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Anything but Good

Nothing was going to stop Justin from attending the concert he had been looking forward to for months, not even his parents grounding him. He just needed to devise a plan for sneaking out that wouldn’t get him in any more trouble. In fact, if his parents checked in on him right now, they’d find his body sleeping in bed. That’s because he used a spell he found on the internet to steal the body of his older sister. He had waited until she had gone to sleep then cast the spell. He slipped into some clothes he had seen her go out in from time to time, and then snuck out of the house. If anyone was going to get into trouble tomorrow, it was going to be her! Thinking about that made Justin smile. She never got into trouble; for some reason their parents never seem to catch her doing any sort of bad thing. She wasn’t a goodie two shoes, but their parents sure thought she was. Luckily, tonight was about anything but being good!

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